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pre-employment screening
Building a strong and sustainable workforce begins with ensuring you hire healthy
and physically competent people.

Your employees are an essential component to propelling your business forward and remaining competitive. An injured worker can impact your operation’s productivity and financial standing. Carrying out pre-employment screening as part of your recruitment process is an effective way of improving safety performance in the workplace and mitigating risks.

How it works

Are your candidates physically capable to perform the specific duties of the role safely and efficiently? When assessing individuals, we don’t just take into account their pre-existing medical conditions and history, we look closely at an individual’s physical abilities against the requirements of the job.

We tailor assessments to simulate the physical demands relevant to your workplace. This may include observing flexibility, strength, manual handling and driver fatigue.

Following the evaluation, we will provide you with a comprehensive report summarising the candidate’s physical ability and any risk factors (if applicable), to assist you with your recruitment.


Promoting safety in your recruitment process has a number of benefits:

  • Ensures the staff you recruit are healthy and functionally capable of handling the demands of the job – resulting in less injuries
  • Improved productivity and efficiency – minimised risk and likelihood of injury or illnesses
  • Save time and money recruiting the right people
  • Provides a history of pre-employment abilities, (useful against false claims of injury)
  • Determines injury risks of an individual prior to employment
  • Employers have the opportunity to address any risks or injuries with candidates, and if successful, work together to overcome this.

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