Early InterventionFoster a happy, healthy workplace

early intervention
Your business may have solid workplace health and safety processes in place, but despite this, injuries do still occur.

How quickly you respond can impact on the wellbeing of the injured worker and the wider team. 

Early intervention enables workers who have sustained injuries to return to work sooner. The earlier you address an employee who is showing signs of illness or injury, the quicker you can take action to help them.

How it works

Being supportive and committed to the health and wellbeing of your employees promotes a happy, healthy workplace. Our early intervention strategies are designed so that you can proactively manage workplace and non-workplace injuries to avoid continued hardship and ensure a timely return to work for your injured worker.

Responsiveness often prevents a worker from becoming ill, taking long-term sick leave, submitting workers’ compensation claims and reduces lost time. We look at ways you can maintain individuals in the workplace by identifying suitable duties and managing their rehabilitation.


Having an early intervention plan in place:

  • Demonstrates support and commitment to workers
  • Encourages a productive work environment
  • Prevents long-term absence and further illnesses
  • Empowers management to actively be involved in the rehabilitation process
  • Boosts staff morale and confidence in the workplace
  • Reduces indirect costs in terms of lost productivity, hiring and training new staff

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