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initial needs assessment
The first step to getting an injured worker confidently back in the saddle is to determine the full extent of their injury and rehabilitation needs.

An initial needs assessment will examine the severity of a worker’s injury and their limitations, and establish a solid platform to achieving physical and vocational rehabilitation goals.

How it works

At Corporeal Health, our aim is to provide appropriate recommendations for an injured worker’s rehabilitation, which will facilitate a successful return to work, ideally to the same capacity as their pre-injury days.

Our tertiary qualified health consultants will sit down with the employee to discuss the nature of their injury in detail, and establish workplace requirements with the employer.

We will also engage with our network of highly regarded medical practitioners and allied health professionals, to gather further information that will assist in developing mutually realistic return to work goals, and a rehabilitation plan between the worker and the employer.


An initial needs assessment will provide you with:

  • A clear understanding of the employee’s health status
  • A detailed plan for addressing the employee’s rehabilitation needs and return to work goals
  • Identifying barriers for returning to work and implementing strategies to overcome these challenges

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