Functional capacity assessmentIs your worker fit for duty?

functional capacity assessment
Can an employee safely perform the physical demands of your job role? Do you need more tangible information regarding an individual’s capacity to guide return to work planning?

Knowing how capable your employee is to return to work requires an evaluation of their physical abilities, to ensure they can safely perform the fundamental demands of the role.

The information we gather will inform you of their capacity for work, indicate if modifications to the workplace are required, address any treatment and enable a positive pathway for recovery.

How it works

Utilising a series of standardised and validated tests, we will examine the worker’s capacity for work against a number of physical tasks. These may include lifting, carrying, stepping, squatting, kneeling and reaching. When assessing the individual, we simulate relevant tasks performed in the workplace or specific to the injury.

The results from this assessment can then be used to facilitate return to work recommendations, or to assess work readiness.


A functional capacity assessment is valuable for a number of reasons:

  • Establishes a worker’s readiness to resume normal duties, suitable duties or revised work roles.
  • Aids in the development of a suitable duties plan and return to work program.
  • Outlines recommendations for areas of improvement to facilitate a person’s functional recovery, such as strengthening or manual handling training.
  • Captures any long term physical limitations.
  • Determines an employee’s safe limits within their work environment post injury.

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