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vocational assessment
Do you need assistance to identify alternative vocational pursuits? Can we help to broaden your employment horizons?

If an injured worker is unlikely to return to work to the same capacity as their pre-injury role, a vocational assessment can identify potential job and training opportunities.

With limited job opportunities in regional WA, we pride ourselves on helping workers return to work following an injury, or illness – no matter their location! By analysing an individual’s transferrable skills, qualifications and interests, we can help shape a new and sustainable career path for the future.

How it works

A qualified Psychologist, who has extensive professional experience working within rural communities, conducts our vocational assessments.

We gather the individual’s employment history, skills, strengths and interests and analyse their physical and functional abilities. Where appropriate, we will recommend up skilling and discuss training options available to them


Vocational assessments help an injured worker:

  • Identify short or long term career paths based on their skill set and employment history.
  • Highlight training available that may assist in a safe return to work.
  • To identify any internal or external employment options available.
  • Provide recommendations specific to the labour market in any given location.

To refer an injured worker, contact us or call to speak to a local qualified professional on (08) 9622 5940.

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