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return to work programs
Is your workplace set up to accommodate the specific requirements of an injured worker? How will your employee cope when they return to work?

Our experience shows that the longer an injured worker remains off work, the less likely they will re-join the workplace in their original pre injury role.

Coming back to work following an injury can be daunting and stressful. By offering support and suitable duties via a return to work program, injured workers can regain confidence and be at ease with the process of re-entering the workforce.

How it works

Through years of providing workplace rehabilitation services, we have seen firsthand the positive impact return to work programs can have on injured workers. In particular for our clients who live in regional or remote communities, where alternative employment opportunities may be scarce.

We assist injured workers with rehabilitation plans that are tailored specific to their role, transparent and evidence based, with an aim of resuming pre injury duties with minimal time off work and downtime to your business.

We work closely with key stakeholders to align everyone’s expectations regarding the employee’s progress back to their pre injury status.


Taking a proactive approach to an injured worker’s rehabilitation ensures:

  • The individual feels supported and encouraged to return to work as soon as safely possible.
  • Ongoing communication between the employer and employee – working together to achieve a positive outcome.
  • Development of a suitable duties plan to facilitate a timely return to work.
  • Reduction in claim cost and impact to premium.

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