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exercise assessment
Is your workplace set up to accommodate the specific requirements of an injured worker? How will your employee cope when they return to work?

If you suffer from an injury or chronic illness, getting expert advice on your rehabilitation is critical to correctly managing and overcoming your condition.

We take a proactive approach to ensuring individuals work on their strengthening and rehabilitation to facilitate a faster recovery. We refer to it as Exercise Physiology, which focuses on the prevention and management of injuries and chronic diseases.

How it works

A dedicated exercise plan assists injured workers to resettle into the workplace with ease and avoid any costly time off.

All exercise programs are custom designed to meet the individual’s specific rehabilitation needs. This is determined by an initial assessment, which identifies the client’s injury status and creates a clear benchmark of their physical abilities.

We work closely with other allied health professionals such as personal trainers and exercise physiologists to establish the most effective rehabilitation options available to you, to speed up the healing process.

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